sides to go with lasagne

15 Best Sides to Go With Lasagne

Who doesn’t love layers of pasta loaded with ground meat, creamy sauce, herbs, spices, and melted cheese? Lasagna is the ultimate comfort food. It is already fantastic when served on its own, but wouldn’t it be nice to pair other dishes with it?

There are a lot of tasty sides to eat with the lasagna without overpowering its combined flavors. If you need ideas on what to serve with lasagna, check out some of the recommended sides to complete your dining experience.

What to Serve With Lasagna

Lasagna originated from Italy, but it has become a dish that’s enjoyed by many around the world. It’s no surprise that there are tons of sides for you to choose from. You can mix and match amongst the choices and find the perfect match for lasagna.
What is the best salad to serve with lasagna?

One serving of lasagna is about 450 calories. We know, that’s a lot. So you may want to consider something light and healthy to pair with it. Load your plate with some salads for your guilt-free sides.

Green salad

A crunchy green salad is a texture that complements your lasagna. It doesn’t matter what greens you wish to mix in your salad. You can combine all your green leafy vegetable favorites and make them extra nutritious.

Caesar Salad

Even if it sounds Greek, it won’t ruin the Italian ambiance when you serve a Caesar salad with your lasagna. It’s classic, convenient, and made with simple ingredients. You can even make your version of croutons, too.

Tomato Feta Salad

Another light side that’s refreshing and perfect for your lasagna. There is no need to worry about the calories because this one’s light, even if it is served with feta cheese. Also, the color of cherry tomatoes makes your table a little more vibrant in the eyes.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Make it more refreshing by serving this strawberry spinach salad, a light side dish that will balance a heavy main dish such as lasagna. It consists of spinach, nuts, bacon bits (optional), strawberry, and some balsamic salad dressing.

What Is A Good Soup to Serve With Lasagna?

Soup is always a good idea during cold weather. But did you know that a soup also goes well with your lasagna? Here are some of the soup ideas for you to try.

Vegan Roasted Garlic And Lemon Soup

If you’re looking for a vegan soup, this could be the one for you. This dairy-free soup is best served with lasagna. You might want a soup that doesn’t have cheese and milk as your lasagna is already creamy and cheesy. Nevertheless, it still offers so many flavors, even if it excludes those two ingredients.

Instant Pot Minestrone

Why not pair your lasagna with another comfort food? As a bonus, you can also make this in just a few minutes. As the name suggests, you can have your soup ready in an instant when you use an Instant Pot. It is loaded with vegetables that are perfect for making a hearty meal. This soup goes very well with any pasta dish, and it’s an Italian dish, too!

Chicken Noodle Soup

You can never go wrong with a classic, so why not pair your lasagna with chicken noodle soup? The recipe for a chicken noodle soup will only take you forty minutes. As another option, you can use leftover roasted chicken that will add up to the flavor and make it even better. This is perfect during cold weather, too.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Pair your lasagna with something light and tasty. It goes well with any pasta of your choice as well as lasagna. Also, any leftovers from this soup will go a long way. Its storage life extends to about two weeks as long as you keep it frozen. If you’re looking for a low-calorie side, this could be perfect for you.

What to Serve With Bechamel Lasagna?

A dish with a bechamel sauce goes well with almost anything. Check out some of the best sides for your bechamel lasagna.

Garlic bread

Pasta and bread will always be one of the classics that everyone surely adores. Dip that garlic bread on your overflowing bechamel sauce from your lasagna. It absorbs all that flavorful sauce on your plate. You can make this on your own, or a store-bought garlic bread works fine, too.


Complete your Italian meal with a platter of antipasto as an appetizer. Make it as colorful as you can, and you can never go wrong. Time to get creative as you arrange and fill that platter with quality cheeses, sausages, tomatoes, nuts, dried fruits, or even crackers. It’s one of the best foods to serve that can light up a good conversation.

Chicken wings

If you want another meat dish on your table, chicken wings are one of the best ideas, too. Perfect for meat lovers, and if you have kids to come over to join for a meal. There are many chicken wings flavors to choose from, such as classic buffalo, garlic parmesan, honey garlic, and so much more. You can also serve several flavors for your guests to choose from. But the garlic parmesan goes very well with lasagna.

What to Serve With Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna

There’s no running out of sides to pair with your lasagna, even if it’s spinach and ricotta lasagna.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Don’t think of all the oil that you can use when you think about cooking mozzarella cheese sticks. You can always make it healthier when you use an air fryer to prepare this dish. The crunch of your freshly fried mozzarella sticks perfectly goes well with your spinach and ricotta lasagna. If you think you can’t make your meal any cheesier, think again.

Roasted Garlic Potatoes

That nice crisp from these bite-sized potatoes perfectly goes well with your lasagna. If you want to make your meal healthier, you may choose not to peel the potatoes for added fiber (did you know that its fiber comes mainly from its skin?)–yes, the potato’s skin has more nutrients than its flesh.

Roasted Frozen Broccoli

If you have that frozen broccoli that’s been sitting in your freezer for quite some time, it’s about time to take it out and start roasting it. This no-sweat dish won’t even require you to thaw your frozen broccoli. You can toss it straight in your oven or air fryer and season it with some salt and pepper.

Pesto Garlic Bread

Any bread that you pair with lasagna will absorb its flavors and will blend just fine. Serve your pesto garlic bread while it’s still fresh so that it’s still crunchy when you pair it with your lasagna.

There are endless possibilities on what to pair with your lasagna. This list will have to go on and on. But don’t stress too much on the sides. Its creamy sauce can easily blend with bread and salads in a good way, leaving you with more options to choose from.

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