Brown Rice in an Instant Pot

Best Method of Cooking Brown Rice in an Instant Pot

Cooking Brown Rice in Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a godsend for anyone wanting to make rice at home quickly and easily. Cooking brown rice in Instant Pot is the simplest way to make perfect rice every time.

I know from experience that cooking rice on the stove and a pot of water can be problematic. You can overcook it and have mushy rice or dried out rice. You can put too much water in it or too little water and burn the rice for the rice turn into more of a porridge and individual grains of rice.

Then, of course, you can burn yourself from the steam that comes out of the pot as you try to stir the rice or check to see if it’s done. Like I said, there’s all sorts of things that could go wrong when you’re cooking rice on the stove.

It’s a skill to be able to cook your rice for yourself, and it is definitely easier when you’re cooking brown rice in Instant Pot than trying to make it on the stove.

Each kind of rice you cook will cook just a little differently. Wild rice, white rice, brown rice and basmati rice all have different cook temperatures and durations. You have to use different amounts of water for each of these as well.

If you don’t do it just right, then your rice can come out mushy, burnt, dry, or gummy. You want your rice to come out perfectly, of course, which is why I’m going to show you my method for cooking brown rice in an Instant Pot.

If you follow this method carefully and precisely, your rice will turn out perfectly every time. There will be no mistakes and no mess to clean up.

Why use brown rice instead of white rice? It definitely takes longer to cook than white rice, but brown rice is a rich source of nutrients, and is considered more natural than white rice. It may take some getting used to, because most people our accustomed to eating white rice.

However, there are definite health benefits to brown rice, and it is beneficial to your digestive health.

Cooking Directions for Brown Rice in Instant Pot

If you were to try cooking brown rice on the stove, it would take around an hour to cook it all the way through and make it soft. Brown rice is a rougher rice that isn’t polished and the bran has not been removed. However, it can be more nutritious than white rice.

The cooking time for this method is just 21 minutes, which is much faster than if you were to try to cook this in a pot on the stove. That’s why I prefer the Instant Pot for when I’m cooking rice, and especially for brown rice, which takes so long to cook.

The proportions of water to rice are very important, if you want your rice to turn out perfectly every time period for one cup of brown rice, use one cup of cold water when cooking in the Instant Pot. After you placed your rice in the instant pot, set the venting not to the venting position. Cover the pot with this lid and then switch the venting nob to the ceiling position.

Cook your brown rice on high pressure for 15 minutes. After it is done cooking, use the natural pressure release for five minutes and then the quick release. When you open your lid, be careful about the steam that can come out of the pot.

Is the brown rice a little bit wet when it is finished cooking? Allow it to rest for a few minutes so that the moisture can release.

Cooking Brown Basmati Rice in Instant Pot

Basmati rice is a long grain rice that you can use the Instant Pot to cook as well. You want to get the proportions just right when you’re making this kind of rice so it comes out with the proper texture.

When cooking brown basmati rice, make sure you don’t rinse it and use the rice to water ratio of 1 cup of rice to 1 1/4 cups of water. Pressure cook it on high pressure for 22 minutes. Allow the pressure to release for 10 minutes before serving it.

This is the simplest and best way for cooking long grain brown rice in Instant Pot. You want to make more rice at once, you can simply adjust the amounts of water and rice you use, keeping the proportions the same.

This is a great rice to serve with a variety of Indian dishes, like Dal Makhani, chicken curry and chicken the summer.

Cooking Brown Rice Farina in Instant Pot

Would you like another option for cooking brown rice in Instant Pot rice mode? You can make Farina in Instant Pot using brown rice as well.

It is a cream of wheat dish that is thick and mushy. So, you’re not getting individual grains like you would with brown rice. Farina is usually found in the cereal or breakfast section of your grocery.

For half a cup of farina, you only need to use quarter cup of water in Instant Pot. You cook the farina for five minutes and then let the pressure out and leave the rest for about 5 minutes.

Farina is often mixed with other foods like ghee, and then it will usually have a flavoring to make it more interesting. Farina can be kind of bland on its own, so people usually add in some honey, cinnamon, or sugar to sweeten up and flavor the farina.

I provided a few different methods to make brown rice in the Instant Pot, and you can use these to make more complex and interesting dishes. How much easier it is to use the Instant Pot for brown rice and other kinds of rice that take a long time to cook. It makes things so much simpler for me, and there’s less mess to clean up as well.

I like how when I set the time on Instant Pot and I know my proportions are right, then I can rest easy knowing that my rice will turn out perfectly each time. I don’t have to worry about over- or undercooking it.

Feel free to share any modifications you made on these brown rice Instant Pot ideas as well as recipes you’ve used it in. I’m sure others will benefit from your experience with the Instant Pot and cooking brown rice in it.

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