Roasting Frozen Vegetables

My Guide to Roasting Frozen Vegetables in the Oven

Most of us get to buy our entire week’s supply from the grocery store or the market only once a week. Your freezer is your best buddy if you want to keep these frozen vegetables in a good state. We tend to put everything in the freezer, including our vegetables, hoping that it doesn’t go bad.
But how long do frozen vegetables last in the freezer, and is it safe to leave them there?

How long do frozen vegetables last?

There’s nothing wrong with freezing your vegetables. Most grocery stores do this, too. They can last from eight to twelve months as long as they are frozen.

For frozen vegetables bought from the supermarket, it is always important to look for the “best before date” in the packaging. As long as you keep it at a constant temperature, it will last longer if you do not refreeze them.

With this said, did you know that you can make a decent dish out of your frozen vegetables? You’ll be surprised that it’s convenient and tastes great, too!

One of the things that you can do is to roast them.

You might be surprised that it’s convenient to prepare and won’t take much of your time. Before anything else, most of you might ask if do you need to thaw frozen vegetables before roasting. The answer is, No!

This is the key to making them crispy as you roast them. The best way to cook them is when they are still frozen. Do this as fast as you can. It would be best not to take them out of the freezer if you aren’t prepared to cook. We do not recommend thawing them before roasting.

Since our goal is to prevent them from becoming mushy, we will make these frozen vegetables as crispy as they can be. Here are some ways to roast your frozen vegetables alongside a few tips on how to make them.

How to Roast Frozen Vegetables in the Oven

So, how to roast frozen vegetables in the oven?

The first step is to preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
It is ideal to use a cooling rack instead of a baking pan. The purpose of this is to allow the air to circulate.

With this hack, any excess water will drain off and prevent your vegetables from becoming soggy.

Pour your frozen vegetables into your cooling rack without thawing. Thoroughly coat your frozen vegetables with some olive oil and spices of your choice.

You may use garlic and onion powder if you have any. Be sure to spread the vegetables in a single layer. By doing this, you are preventing the steam.

This preparation time will only take you less than five minutes.
Start baking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit which will usually take you around thirty minutes.

You will need to stir vegetables every ten minutes to cook evenly. The frozen vegetables are cooked when you see the edges start to turn brown.

Just like that, your roasted vegetables are now ready. Serve immediately.

How to Roast Frozen Vegetables In An Air Fryer

An air fryer is a machine but also one of human’s best life hacks. You can make your frozen vegetables crispy without putting in too much effort. The best way is to use your air fryer at home.
While the oven version sounds great already, you will be surprised that using an air fryer is a lot easier.

Just like when using an oven, there’s no need to thaw your frozen vegetables.

The first step is you will need to spray your air fryer basket with olive oil. Then, place your frozen vegetables in the air fryer basket. Again, spray some olive oil into your frozen vegetables to coat. You may want to sprinkle some salt and pepper. Still, if you have garlic powder and onion powder at home, you may also season your vegetables with these. Stir until the seasoning is evenly distributed.

You may now air fry at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. You may stir after 8 minutes so that it cooks evenly.
Feel free to add five minutes if you think it needs a little more time to make that brown texture because not all air fryers cook at the same rate.

Take it out of the air fryer and serve immediately.

How to Make Frozen Roasted Vegetables Tasty

Now that you know the basics of making roasted vegetables, it is also essential to understand how to make them tasty. If you have ever tried blanching or sautéing, you can compare the taste and texture once you have attempted roasting it the right way. Here are some ways to improve its taste:

1. Use an oil

Ideally, use olive oil when you want to roast your frozen vegetables. It gives a garlic-like flavor to your dish. If olive oil is not available, an alternative would be coconut oil. It’s a healthy choice, too!

2. Add Cheese

Although it is only optional, cheese just makes everything better. Who doesn’t love some cheese?

Toss in some grated parmesan cheese immediately right after you take your frozen vegetables out of the oven. If you want, you can add some cheese and add another minute to melt the cheese.

Parmesan is not your only choice. You can use any available cheese of your choices, such as goat cheese or gouda.

3. Roast with Bacon

Adding some bacon strips to your roasted vegetables will give that smoky flavor to your dish. The bacon fat helps the vegetable turn brown, and at the same time, you’ll get a few slices of crispy bacon when you’re done cooking your vegetables!

4. Salad Dressing

Who said that salad dressings are exclusively used for salads? This can be used for your roasted vegetables, too.

Fresh from the oven, you may drizzle some salad dressing to your frozen vegetables. Your warm vegetables can drench into this extra flavor, and you just turned it into a more exciting dish.

5. Season your Frozen Vegetables

Some people only want salt and pepper as a seasoning, but there are so many options when you want to know how to season frozen vegetables.

If you want it a little spicy, you may want to sprinkle some chili powder or chili flakes. You may also try curry powder, cajun seasoning, and lemon zest.

You can add more flavor after you take them out of the oven or air fryer by tossing in some vinaigrette, balsamic reduction, or topping some parsley right before you serve it.

6. Glaze your Roasted Vegetables

If you want to go the extra mile, a glazed vegetable is a good idea. After removing from your oven, increase the temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir brown sugar into your vegetables until they are thoroughly combined.

Put it back in the oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes until tender and glazed. Once done, your roasted vegetables are now ready. Transfer to a plate and serve.

There are limitless ways on how you can make your roasted vegetables. Feel free to experiment with your existing spices in your kitchen, and you might just find your recipe.

In any way that you want to season it, roasted vegetables are always a great side dish. They’re so versatile that you can pair them with any main dish that you’re having.

Remember to consume roasted vegetables immediately because they do not taste good when reheated.
Time to get creative as you build a meal around roasted vegetables.

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