Chicken gravy is an essential addition to mashed potatoes, turkey, meatballs, soup, shepherd’s pie, and pasta. It can be used in versatile ways and made from a number of different ingredients.

If you know how to make chicken gravy from scratch or you like yours made from chicken drippings, these are just a couple of the many ways the gravy could be made.

What most chicken gravy has in common is the colour and meaty flavour. Almost all of them are a light brown (but I like dark brown ones too), and they almost all include either chicken fat or chicken stock. If the gravy doesn’t have some bit of chicken in it, then it isn’t technically chicken gravy. 

I want to show you a few ways to make chicken gravy to give you some options, and once you know how to make chicken gravy, you’ll probably want to incorporate it into a lot more meals.

There is no need to buy it in a can or a pack at the grocery when you can make a fresher, more savoury gravy using a variety of ingredients.

The great thing about this dish is that it can be made in so many different ways that you almost always have some way to make it no matter what components you have on hand in your kitchen. 

How to Make Gravy with Chicken Broth

This is one of the easiest chicken gravy recipes you will come across, and we will be using chicken broth to make it. That’s most of your flavouring right there, so all that is really missing from this gravy is the thickness. The broth on its own will be too runny to qualify as a proper gravy, so you need to thicken it up. 

There are a few kitchen ingredients you could use to thicken up a runny, watery liquid to make it thicker and heavier. My go-to thickeners are flour and cornstarch. You could really use either one for this recipe for how to make chicken gravy with chicken broth, but we will use flour here. 

Take two cups of chicken broth and heat it on the stove in a saucepan on medium heat. Once it starts to boil, you can add in 1/3 cup of flour (along with salt and pepper to taste), and whisk that until it is thick. You will only want to add a little at a time, as you want it to mix in smoothly and to not leave any lumps behind. 

This method for how to make gravy with chicken broth and flour may not make a gravy that is as brown as you like it, and if you want to make the gravy browner, then add in a little browning to it. Half a teaspoon of browning can make it a richer brown colour and give it that classic chicken gravy look. 

This is the simplest way how to make gravy from chicken broth, and it’s definitely my number one way to make chicken gravy. 

How to Make Gravy from Chicken Drippings

I think probably the most flavourful way how to make gravy for chicken is to use chicken drippings. That’s the fat that comes off the chicken when you cook it up. It is packed with flavour; it’s not very healthy, but it has plenty of flavour.

The fat is most of what gives meat its flavour, so using that for gravy makes a delicious, very chicken flavoured gravy that doesn’t need much help being scrumptious. 

So, how to make chicken gravy from drippings? Once again, I will use flour to thicken out the chicken juices to create a gravy that is thick enough to do its job. You rarely want a runny gravy but rather one that pours slowly since it is relatively thick. 

To get choice drippings for this recipe, you need to roast the chicken in a deep pan in the oven. The deep pan will catch the drippings, and then you can use those for how to make gravy for chicken. 

Take the drippings and add enough water to it to make a cup and a half of liquid. Then whisk together ½ a cup of flour with enough water to make a thick mixture but not a paste.

Mix that into the chicken drippings liquid until you have a smooth gravy. Take this mixture and put it into a saucepan or small pot on the stove and whisk it while it is set on a medium heat. When your mixture has become thick enough to be gravy, you can take it off the heat. 

A lot of how to make gravy for fried chicken or mashed potatoes comes down to knowing how thick the gravy should be and achieving that thickness with your ingredients.

This can be tricky, but if you know what you are aiming for, then that will help. Make sure you are familiar with chicken gravy and how thick it is supposed to be. You’ll be able to add thickener or water to your own homemade mixture as necessary then to achieve that thickness. 

How to Make Chicken Gravy from Stock Cubes

I covered how to make gravy with chicken stock and with chicken drippings. Now, let’s look at another way to make it- using chicken bullion cubes or stock cubes. These are packed with flavour as well, so they make for a tasty gravy, but you will need more liquid to make a gravy from them than you did with the other methods. 

So, how to make homemade chicken gravy from stock cubes? This one is a bit more complicated than the other methods I have showed you so far, like how to make chicken gravy from broth.

However, while there are a few different ways to make bouillon cube chicken gravy, I think this is the method that tastes the best and has the best texture and consistency.

Start by mixing together the bouillon cubes and boiling hot water. You can mix two cups of water with two bouillon cubes for a good overall flavour and consistency. 

Separately, you need to make a roux from flour and butter. You do this by melting butter and then adding enough flour to make a creamy mixture. Two tablespoons of melted butter and two tablespoons of flour should be adequate. Mix these together and warm for about two minutes on the stove on a medium heat.

Once you have your roux, you will mix that into the bouillon cube and water mixture. Just add about half of the bullion cube liquid at once. Mix that thoroughly over a medium heat.

Once that has become a thick paste, you can take it off the heat and add the rest of the bullion cube and water mixture. Mix thoroughly until you have a smooth gravy.

So, there you have a few ways to make chicken gravy, which can be used on chicken itself, if you like or used on other dishes. Whether you have roasted chicken, chicken stock or bouillon cubes on hand, you have a way of making a delicious and not too complicated gravy. 

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